Resources from The Master’s Seminary

The Master’s Seminary exists to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping godly men to be pastors and/or trainers of pastors for excellence in service to Christ in strategic fields of Christian ministry.  This is to be accomplished through an educational program and an environment of spiritual fellowship and relationships which emphasize unreserved commitment to the worship of God, submission to the authority of the Scriptures, a life of personal holiness, the priority of the local church, and the mission of penetrating the world with the Truth.  TMS offers graduate-level biblical, theological, and professional education designed to equip men for effectiveness in Christian ministry to the universal body of Christ, primarily through the local church.

Online Lectures

These graduate level courses exemplify the level of training provided by The Master's Seminary and reflect years of study, experience, and the grace and blessings of the Lord.  Courses are arranged by topic and then divided into individual lectures.

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TMS Journal

Begun in 1990, The Master's Seminary Journal is a semi-annual publication containing book reviews and articles dealing with Biblical texts, theology, and pastoral concerns.

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Faculty Lecture Series

Every year since 1998, the seminary sets aside a few chapel sessions for the faculty to address a specific issue related to theology, biblical studies, and controversial issues within Christianity. These series are later incorporated into a thematic issue of the Master's Seminary Journal where the full scope of the research and organization of the material can be presented.

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TMS Chapel Messages

Held twice per week during the regular semester, these messages are intended for instruction, worship, and exposure to current issues and ministries. Speakers include pastors, missionaries, faculty members, and other Christian leaders.

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